PEMA investigating metabarcoding

Running on personal computer

You may need to run PEMA locally on a personal computer.

Being a containerized software PEMA supports running on any OS that Docker or Singularity supports including Linux, MacOS and Windows.

However, even in a personal computer, running PEMA through its Singularity container is always the best choice.

Several issues may occur when running PEMA as a Docker container, especially in Windows and MacOS.

Moreover, computational resources of a personal computer is not able to support for large datasets. Running PEMA for a short number of samples though is possible.

In all cases, running PEMA on a personal computer might come with some difficulties, however you may give it a try if you do not have access on a HPC or cloud system.

For any issues might occur, you can always ask us on PEMA’s Gitter community.

When you are running PEMA as a Docker container on Windows or MacOS, you should notice there is a by default memory (RAM) limit you might need to change manually.